Walking heightens your senses

Up in the mountains. Breathing in the pure air, you can shake off all your cares and create space for that wonderful feeling of a zest for life. Why not combine this feeling with thinking the right thoughts? Students at the Ötz Secondary School have been working with educationalists on a project to create a meditation trail among our spectacular alpine pastures. From the upper station, this circular tour takes you past the new Bielefeld Hut to the old Bielefeld Hut (disused). From there, you continue to the Acherberg Alp and back again to the Acherkogel cable car.

The meditation trail in the Hochoetz alpine region in the Ötz Valley of the Tyrol

Eight stopping points depicting the contemplative and meditative thoughts of the students accompany the walker along this exciting path. You can obtain the brochure containing a description of the stopping points and their accompanying text for free at the lower station.

The stopping points as you walk along the meditation trail in the Ötz valley of the Tyrol:
1. Concrete slab "Alpha and Omega"
2. Metal sculpture "Signpost confusion"
3. Metal sculpture „Heart and stone“
4. Mountain path with the road sign "Dead End"
5. Metals sculpture „Telescopic sight and crosswires“
6. Stone circle „Community“
7. Wooden bench „Farsightedness"
8. Wooden sculpture "United“

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