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Views of bygone times

If you walk through the historic village center of Oetz you enter a living museum. Despite the booming construction industry, many historic buildings could stand the test of time in the narrow cluster village center. Still featuring authentic architectural elements, they show life and work of bygone times.

Walls deeply rooted in history

Fortunately, the inhabitants of Oetz were clever enough not to make "tabula rasa" in their village after World War II. On the contrary: despite constant development in tourism and in the residential sector, most parts of the picturesque old village remained almost unchanged. Walkers interested in this place can visit the late Gothic (extended in Baroque style) parish church of St. George and St. Nicholas, marvel at the old village hall, the Tscholl Haus and Georgsbrunnen fountain or take a closer look at Gasthof Stern and Posthotel Kassl with artistic facade paintings. This journey through time can be complemented by a visit to the Museum in the Tower.

Ötz Gasthof Stern Village Core
Village Core Ötz Summer
Ötz Summer Fountain Village Core