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For a healthy together

Covid-19 information & safety measures

We do everything to ensure a safe stay. But we also depend on your support. Which guidelines apply to you as a guest, which safety measures we have taken for a worriless vacation and frequently asked questions – all this we will answer here.

Covid-19 update | Key facts at a glance

  • Travel to Austria for touristic purposes is possible for vaccinated and recovered people. However, if you haven't received your booster jab, you need a negative PCR test on top for entry. (Stricter entry rules apply for certain countries) Find more detailed information on the current entry regulations to Austria HERE
  • The “Must have rule” (recovered or vaccinated) is required for access to indoor facilities 12 years and up
  • FFP2 masks mandatory from the age of 14 - Mouth-nose protection from the age of 6 when entering enclosed spaces in public places.
  • Step-by-step plan (Step 5): Safety measures apply depending on the bed occupancy rate of intensive care units (More details)
  • Mandatory registration at gastronomy

This page is constantly being updated and completed.
Subject to change | Last update: 12 January 2022

*Access authorizations & tests

The “must have rule” is required for access from 12 years and up. A valid vaccination or a recovery document is required. The following regulations apply:

Vaccination certificate:

Currently there are four vaccines licensed in Austria: BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen Pharmaceutica NV. Additional vaccines are currently under review by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

The following periods of validity and guidelines apply to vaccination certificates:

  • Valid for 270days = 9 months from the day after the second vaccination applies to vaccines that require two vaccinations for full immunization, e.g. Moderna, Biontech/Pfizer, AstraZeneca. 14 days must have elapsed between the first and second vaccination. (From 01 February the validity will be reduced to 180 days = 6 months)
  • From the day after the first vaccination for 270 days = 9 months if a positive molecular biological test for SARS-CoV-2 (PCR test) or evidence of neutralising antibodies vaccination was available at least 21 days before (From 01 February the validity will be reduced to 180 days = 6 months)
  • Valid for 270 days = 9 months from the day of another vaccination than those listed above. This further vaccination must have been given 120 days after the last vaccination.
  • For persons subject to compulsory education in Austria, an exemption applies during school-free periods. These persons must be tested regularly in the respective week (at least 2 x PCR test and 1 x antigen test). If the test intervals are adhered to, this is equivalent to 2-G detection. This regulation also applies mutatis mutandis to persons not permanently resident in Austria = holidaymakers/guests.
  • The exception this winter is for all children born after 01 September 2006.
    DOWNLOAD - Holiday-Ninja-Pass for persons subject to compulsory education from 12 to 15 years


  • Proof of recovery from an infection with SARS-CoV-2 in the last 180 days or a medical confirmation of an infection with SARS-CoV-2 in the last 180 days = 6 months, which has been confirmed by molecular biology..
  • A certificate of segregation if issued for a person who has been confirmed to be infected with SARS-CoV-2 within the last 180 days = 6 months prior to the planned testing.

PCR tests

From Wednesday 15 December, all residents, employees and guests will have the opportunity to take a free PCR test 3 times a week. The distribution and dispensing stations are located in the local supermarkets at SPAR and MPreis. It is a self-test (gargle test).

To participate, a one-time registration is necessary, then up to 3 PCR tests per week and per person can be collected and performed.

Instructions for the test procedure

SPAR M Ötztal Bahnhof
Bahnhofplatz 8
6430 Ötztal Bahnhof
Ötztaler Höhe 1
6430 Ötztal Bahnhof
SPAR SM Ötztaler Höhe
Ötztaler Höhe 19
6430 Ötztal Bahnhof
Dorfstrasse 53
6432 Sautens
Hauptstrasse 31
6433 Oetz
Kuehtaierstraße 2
6433 Oetz
Farchapuit 1
6441 Umhausen
Huben 3
6444 Längenfeld
SPAR Andreas Kratzer*
Oberlängenfeld 38
6444 Längenfeld
Oberlängenfeld 103
6444 Längenfeld
Unterlaengenfeld 13a
6444 Längenfeld
SPAR Ennemoser OHG*
Dorfstraße 9
6450 Sölden
Dorfstrasse 76
6450 Sölden
SPAR Ennemoser OHG*
Dorfstraße 67
6450 Sölden
Gurglerstrasse 99
456 Obergurgl
SPAR Josef Grüner e.U.*
Ramolweg 11
6456 Obergurgl
Industriezone 32
6460 Imst
Industriezone 34
6460 Imst
Ing. Baller Strasse 1
6460 Imst
Langgasse 38
6460 Imst
Langgasse 76
6460 Imst
Langgasse 78/80
6460 Imst
Hauptstrasse 78
6464 Tarrenz
Michael Lung Weg 1
6424 Silz
Tirolerstraße 57a
6424 Silz
Lente 1
6423 Mötz
Zur Hängebrücke 1
6422 Stams
Dorf 7
6421 Rietz
Bundesstrasse 269 b
6414 Mieming
SPAR Stephan Plattner
Obermieming 177
6414 Mieming
SPAR SM Obsteig
Unterstrass 251
6416 Obsteig
Dorfstrasse 43
6471 Arzl im Pitztal
Dorf 31
6474 Jerzens
St. Margarethen 624
6473 Wenns
SPAR Schöpf-Sailer Andrea
Unterdorf 6
6473 Wenns

*open on sundays

The Testing is free of charge for guests. Registration for an appointment for testing via tiroltestet.leitstelle.tirol

Covid-19 Testzentrum Roppen
Kultursaal, Kirchplatz 3
Tue, Thu, Sun 5.00 - 7.00 pm

Covid-19 Testzentrum Telfs
Inntalcenter Telfs, Anbau Süd - Obergeschoss
Mon - Fri 7.00 am - 4.00 pm
Sat, Sun, public holiday 8.00 am - 4.00 pm

Covid-19 Testzentrum Imst
Schwimmbadweg, Schwimmbadparkplatz
Mon - Fri 7.00 am - 5.00 pm
Sat, Sun, public holiday 8.00 am - 4.00 pm

Covid-19 Testzentrum Messe Innsbruck
Messehalle D, 1. Stock (Eingang Südseitig über die Ing. Etzel Straße.)
Mon - Fri 7.00 am - 4.00 pm
Sat, Sun, public holiday 8.00 am - 4.00 pm

There is also the possibility to obtain PCR tests from general practitioners and pharmacies. However, these are only available to a very limited extent. The costs for the collection and the evaluation are to be borne by the guest.

Corona step-by-step plan

Five-step model of Covid safety measures. The basis for tightening or easing safety measures is the bed occupancy rate of intensive care units.

Step 5 currently applies throughout Austria.

10% bed occupancy rate of intensive care units = 200 beds across Austria

  • all antigen tests are only valid for 24 hours
  • mandatory FFP2 face mask instead of nose and mouth cover (wherever masks are compulsory - for unvaccinated people also in stores)
  • 2.5 must-haves rule in night gastronomy (vaccinated, recovered or PCR test)
  • 3 must-haves rule for gatherings of 25 or more people

15% bed occupancy rate of intensive care units = 300 beds across Austria

  • 2 must-haves rule (vaccinated, recovered) in night gastronomy and at gatherings of over 500 people
  • antigen self-tests made at home (with QR code) are no longer valid

20% bed occupancy rate of intensive care units = 400 beds across Austria

  • 2.5 must-haves rule (vaccinated, recovered or PCR test) wherever the 3 must-haves rule was valid up to now
  • all antigen tests are no longer valid

25% bed occupancy rate of intensive care units = 500 beds across Austria

  • 2 must-haves rule (vaccinated, recovered) for hotels, restaurants, meetings of 25 people or more
  • 3 must-haves rule (vaccinated, recovered or PCR test) at the workplace
  • FFP2 masks mandatory in public transport, train stations, retail, museums and libraries

30% bed occupancy rate of intensive care units = 600 beds across Austria

  • curfew restrictions for unvaccinated / not recovered people
  • unvaccinated people are allowed to leave the accommodation only for a few exceptions (necessary shopping, work, doctor)

Take a deep breath. Get started. Healthy together.

The safety and health of our guests, employees and residents is a top priority. In addition to the currently applicable regulations decreed by the Austrian federal government, the main decision makers in Ötztal have also developed additional measures for your safety in a special task force set up by Ötztal Tourismus. Due to legal requirements, there may be changes and adjustments to the measures at any time and without prior notice.

High five, high fun.

What should you watch out for on a ski day in Ötztal? The following video explains the five most important points.
Spoiler: Don't forget about point 5.

Guidelines for you as a guest in Ötztal

Simple measures, great effects: we all know them by now, the hygienic coronavirus safety measures that everyone can and should pay attention to personally. Please always stick to it and thus protect yourself and others. #healthytogether

Cashless payment if possible

No shaking hands but perfect appreciation

Wash hands several times a day

FFP 2 masks mandatory from 14 years and nose and mouth cover from 6 years in signposted areas

Sneeze/cough into your elbow

From holiday planning to departure:

Information & safety measures

1. Holiday planning

Planning is half the battle. This is even more true in these special times. Before you start organizing your winter vacation, you should first find out more about the current coronavirus situation in Austria and Tirol:

  • HERE you can get continuously updated information on the situation in Austria
  • HERE you can get the latest information on the situation in the Province of Tirol

The “Stop Corona” app of the Austrian Red Cross is your reliable companion on holiday in Austria and will help you if needed. More information about the app is available HERE

We would like to help you plan your holidays and give you the greatest possible flexibility:

2. Getting here

You can find the currently valid entry regulations for Austria as well as the most important questions and answers HERE

Further advice on traveling to Tirol, information on Innsbruck Airport and what to consider when traveling by train, bus or shuttle transfer to the accommodation can be found HERE

Guests from high incidence and virus variant areas or when entering the country without certificate ("Must have rule") have to register for pre-travel clearance in order to enter Austria.
More details from the Robert-Koch-Institut: www.rki.de

Getting here with the train

3. On site

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to prevent a breakdown in medical care, leaving one's own private living area and staying outside one's own private living area are only permitted in exceptional circumstances.



The “must have rule” (recovered or vaccinated) is required for access from 12 years and up.

Further safety measures:

  • The regulations for wellness operations are analogous to leisure facilities
  • FFP2 masks mandatory from the age of 14 - Mouth-nose protection from the age of 6 when entering enclosed spaces in public places.

HERE you will find more details about the safety measures taken in accommodations

Room of a Hotel

Ski Area

The ski areas in Ötztal have developed detailed preventive concepts so that guests can enjoy safe skiing days. In general, the following rules apply:

  • The "2 must-haves rule" (recovered or vaccinated)* is mandatory for admission from 12 years of age
  • FFP-2 masks mandatory in gondolas and chairlifts with weather protection bonnets, as well as enclosed rooms of the associated stations and in queuing areas of all lifts when forming groups.
  • Exception: persons using the gondola to cover necessary basic needs of daily life do not have to provide the "2 must have rule"

Family Skiing

2 must-haves access proofs

  • Valid proof for 2 must-haves rule from 15 Nov:
    • Vaccination
    • Certificate of recovery
    • Separation notice
  • NOT valid:
    • Tests (antigen test, PCR test ...)
    • Proof of neutralizing antibodies

Please find more detailed information about validity period of 2 must-haves certificate here: gruenerpass.gv.at/en/geimpft

Regulations for children

  • Children up to the age of 12 do not need an obligatory 2 must-haves/3 must-haves certificate.
  • For school pupils (up to the 9th grade), the "Corona Test Pass" (e.g. "Ninja Pass" in Austria) replaces the 2 must-haves/3 must-haves certificate.
  • After completing the 9th year of school, also young people need a 2 must-haves certificate

Nose and mouth cover / FFP2 mask

  • FFP2 masks are absolutely required* in the access/waiting areas and during use of mountain lifts (gondola lift, chair lift with weather protection shield)
  • Children from the age of 6 to the age of 14 may also wear a close-fitting mechanical protective device that covers the entire nose and mouth area.
  • Children up to the age of 6 do not need a face mask.

Restaurants, mountain gastronomy & ski huts

The “2 must have rule” (recovered, vaccinated)* is required for access from 12 years and up.

Further safety measures:

  • FFP2 face mask mandatory from 14 years and nose and mouth cover from 6 years - does not apply while sitting
  • If you stay longer than 15 minutes, all guests are required to register. Registration is vailable via QR code.
  • Closing time:  11.00 pm to 5.00 am (from 27th December 2021 10.00 pm to 5.00 am) all catering establishments (this also includes areas in the accommodation) may not be entered.

Eat and drink in Oetz

The “2 must have rule” (recovered or vaccinated)* is required for access.

It applies to all guests who stay longer than 15 minutes. Guests are requested to provide their personal data if they stay longer than 15 minutes.

  • First name, last name, number of people and contact details (telephone number) are requested.

Data is collected using a QR code or printed data sheets that must be completed. Data will be made available to the health authorities in the event of a suspected Covid-19 case. The so-called contact tracing procedure ensures quick tracking of all contact persons. The authority is supported so that infected people can be isolated quickly.

Ski rental, storage service & shops

In addition to general hygiene measures, the following safety precautions will apply:

  • FFP2 face mask mandatory from 14 years and nose and mouth cover from 6 years
  • Online booking or reservation of rental material is recommended
  • The "2 must have rule" (recovered or vaccinated)* applies as an admission requirement from the age of 12.

Ski Rental

Ski schools & ski courses

Together with the Austrian Ski Teaching Association, the professional Ötztal ski schools will adhere to the following measures for snow sports lessons:

The "2 must have rule" (recovered or vaccinated)* applies as an admission requirement from the age of 12.

  • Keep enough distance: FFP 2 masks mandatory from 14 years wherever the minimum distance cannot be maintained, nose and mouth cover from 6 years
  • FFP 2 masks mandatory: from 14 years in all indoor areas (nose and mouth cover from 6 years); if necessary, a sneeze guard provides additional protection.
  • Disinfection: Sufficient disinfection stations are available in all indoor rooms, all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected several times a day.
  • Online booking: In order to prevent crowds in ski school offices, we recommend booking the lessons online in advance or in case there are any questions, discussing them in advance by telephone. At the same time all data required for contact tracing can already be recorded.
  • Cancellations: The ski schools are offering flexible cancellation conditions this year. The ski courses can often be canceled free of charge up to 7 days prior to arrival.


Flexible ski course times & maximum skiing fun
In order to avoid larger crowds, the ski course times are scheduled in a flexible way. Depending on the ski school, group ski courses for children and adults start at 9.30 am / 10.00 am / 10.30 am. Thanks to such staggered starting times, we try to minimize group dynamics at the meeting points, at the mountain gondolas & lifts and also during lunch breaks. The skibus times are perfectly adapted to the flexible ski course times.

Ski school in Hochoetz

Nose and mouth cover & hand disinfection
In all publicly accessible indoor areas, regardless of the legal regulations, a nose and mouth cover is absolutely required for all our employees and guests who are older than 6 years. Also hand disinfection is mandatory when entering and leaving our premises. At any rate, nose and mouth cover must be used at the respective meeting points (multifunctional neckerchiefs, ski masks, bandanas, etc. are also allowed). We protect the health of ourselves and others.

Safety of our employees
We give everything for our ski school employees in terms of safety. All employees will be tested for COVID-19 at the start of the season or must present a current negative test result. In addition to precise instructions and strict rules of conduct, we also ensure good working conditions and carry out tests if there is the slightest suspicion.

Online booking
The ski school services can be booked online. It means that there is no need to go to the ski school office and that one contact point can already be eliminated. Additionally, all data for potential contact tracing are perfectly collected. Please note: Private ski lessons are still offered individually and at any time.

Children's restaurant (for ski schools and youth groups on advance reservation)
Nose and mouth covers must be used, except at the table. All ski groups are allocated certain time slots. Tables are separated by plexiglass panels or the legally decreed distance can be observed. Information signs with all current Covid-19 safety measures and disinfectant dispensers are available. The restaurant is ventilated several times a day, tables and frequent contact surfaces are disinfected several times a day. Of course, we will do our best to ensure that families with several children in different ski groups have lunch at the same time.

Ski races and prize giving ceremony
The ski races will continue to take place weekly without major restrictions. The start intervals are optimized in order to avoid crowds in the start and finish areas. Depending on the ski school, the starting times for the race are staggered in order to guarantee a maximum of safety on site. All prize giving ceremonies will take place outdoors whenever possible. We ask all guests and children over 6 years of age to wear a nose and mouth cover during the prize ceremony. The instructions given by the presenter must be followed at any time.

At the indoor kindergarten run by the mountain lift company (below the Hochoetz Panorama Restaurant) a maximum of 10 children are looked after at the same time (first come - first serve principle). Reservations can only be made directly on site in consultation with the child supervisors, no pre-registrations will be accepted. When parents enter the kindergarten, a nose and mouth cover is mandatory. Temperatures are taken for all the children to be looked after. Children with symptoms of illness (fever, cold, cough, etc.) cannot be admitted to the kindergarten. Toys, tables and frequent contact surfaces are regularly disinfected. The kindergarten is aired several times a day. A maximum of two children are accommodated in the sleeping area at the same time. The child experts wear nose and mouth covers and pay special attention to hygiene measures.

Current information available on the ski school websites:

Thermal spa & leisure time facilities

The “2 must have rule” (recovered or vaccinated)* is required for access from 12 years and up.

Further safety measures:

  • Mandatory registration
  • Closing time: from 11.00 pm to 5.00 am (from 27th December 2021 10.00 pm to 5.00 am) all thermal baths, spas and leisure facilities may not be entered.

Aqua Dome Kids Area

Skibus & public transport lines within the valley

  • FFP2 masks mandatory from 14 years and nose and mouth cover from 6 years
  • Tickets should be reserved ONLINE in advance - tickets.vvt.at

Further safety measures:

  • Surface disinfection and bus ventilation measures.
  • The buses are permanently ventilated during breaks or waiting times.

Between October and April all guests with a valid guest card can use the regular buses free of charge. Simply show the guest card to the bus driver when entering. All information details about current timetables and changes can be found on the following websites:


TIROL VVT - Tirol's public transport

ÖBB - Austrian Railways


Après-ski & nightlife

Après-ski and nightlife are possible in principle. However, the consumption of drinks must take place at the assigned seat.

Safety measures:

  • The “2 must have rule” (recovered, vaccinated)* is required for access from 12 years and up.
  • FFP2 face mask mandatory from 14 years and nose and mouth cover from 6 years - does not apply while sitting
  • Mandatory registration via QR code.
  • Closing time: 11.00 pm to 5.00 am (from 27th December 2021 10.00 pm to 5.00 am) all après-ski venues and nightlife establishments may not be entered.

Culture & events

The following rules apply to events such as Advent or Christmas markets:

  • Certificate of 2-must haves required for admission: certificate of vaccination or proof of recovery
  • Mandatory registration
  • FFP2 masks compulsory from 14 years of age - Mouth-nose protection from 6 years of age when entering closed rooms
Christmas markets in Ötztal

4. Departure

Thank you for your stay in the Ötztal.

HERE you can find out which travel regulations for returning to your home country apply in the event of a travel warning for Tirol.

5. Health: What to do in case of illness?

If you develop symptoms of a COVID 19 illness (dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, loss of the sense of smell and/or taste, etc.) during your stay, please call the health hotline 1450. Additionally, please inform the host immediately about it. Isolate yourself until you have received information on how to proceed through the health hotline 1450.

HERE you will find more information about what happens if you get sick during your holiday.

Here you can also find further helpful answers to frequently asked questions:

COVID-19 Dashboard, Tirol Werbung

Case Numbers, travel warnings and the traffic situation at a glance.

More details

“Stop Corona“ app

Your companion if you are on holidays in Austria: details about the app & download link

More details


The most important questions and answers about skiing and winter holidays in times of Corona

More details

Despite the greatest possible accuracy, we cannot guarantee completeness and correctness of data. The communication channels provided by Ötztal Tourismus in no way replace official information channels or legal regulations. Since the situation concerning travel warnings can change very quickly, please inform yourself about the currently applicable regulations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your home country.


If you have any questions, please contact us by phone T +43 57 200 500 from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Saturday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm; by e-mail at oetz@oetztal.com or on our social network pages. (Facebook | Instagram)

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