Kids Snow Festival

"okidoki" - Winter Party in Hochoetz 01.03.2019

The unrivaled  Kids Snow Festival in the Hochoetz Ski Region offers fun and action for all the family. There is a lot to discover in this outstanding winter wonderland. The fun-packed "okidoki" Party features some stars of the kids TV program live on stage at the Kids Snow Festival in Hochoetz. Playing, romping around, dancing, quizzing and singing - Action is guaranteed!

The "okidoki" winter party is presented by Christina Karnicnik or Robert Steiner, the moderators of the weekend magazine on ORF one "Hallo okidoki".

Party Program

  • The chair game
  • Listing items and sound games
  • Freddy's limbo
  • Miniversum animal pantomime
  • "ABC Bear" giant puzzle
  • Worm eating contest
  • "okidoki" buzzer quiz etc. 
ABC Bear

"ABC Bear"

The cuddly "ABC Bear", known from Austria's okidoki TV show for kids (ORF), is the favorite companion of all children. Adventures are scheduled in a row for the little bear together with his friends "Iggi" the hedgehog, "Box" the beaver, "Mona Muh" the cow, "Pim" the young penguin and the funny "Platscho" frogs.

Tom Turbo

"Tom Turbo" Photo Station

He isn't only the most outstanding bicycle in the world with incredible 111 tricks but also a true hero in all children's playrooms. At the "Tom Turbo" Photo Station the kids can dress up as junior detectives and make a photo with their own cell phone or camera together with an original "Tom Turbo" TV double.

Fritz Fantom

"Fritz Phantom"

He is one of the most dangerous and feared crooks of the Tom Turbo series. The villain always wears a purple coat and a yellow-purple cape. Everyone is afraid of him! "Fritz Phantom" will show up several times a day to annoy the young and older kids.

Franz Ferdinand

"Franz Ferdinand"

Meet the popular wild boar of okidoki's "Piratenfunk Franz Ferdinand" (ORF 1). Originally, "Franz Ferdinand" was a normal wild boar but then he was hit by a flash of lightning . Since then he is able to talk and walk on two hooves.

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