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Worriless holidays thanks to travel insurance!

Play it safe

We offer the opportunity to take out travel insurance provided by ERV for every booking. It can protect you from any additional costs related to Covid-19 and much else before or during your vacation! Below you will find all information and details about "Hotelstorno Plus" travel insurance offered by the European Travel Insurance.

Because even the best sportsman is not immune from a fall or accident and security in planning a holiday is important in times of Covid-19, we recommend that you take out travel insurance for your holiday. After all, it's unpleasant enough when you have to end your vacation earlier than planned or maybe you cannot even start it. If you take out a travel insurance policy there are at least no financial disadvantages for you.

The travel insurance "Hotelstorno Plus" provided by our partner, European Travel Insurance ERV, is a cancellation and accident insurance that offers reimbursement of costs in the following cases:

– If you can't start your journey
– If you have to interrupt your holiday
– Late arrival
– Involuntary extension of vacation
– Search & rescue including helicopter rescue
– 24-hour emergency call and immediate aid


The following reasons, which hinder the start of a journey or require an early interruption of the holiday, are covered and insured:

– Unexpected serious illness
– Serious physical injury caused by an accident
– Death
– Pregnancy and pregnancy complications
– Significant property damage to the place of residence

Travel Insurance & Covid-19

Our partner, European travel Insurance ERV, relies on flexible solutions in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic and continuously adapts the framework conditions of "Hotelstorno Plus" travel insurance to the current situation. Currently (as of 14.09.2020), European Travel Insurance is also offering cancellation cover in the event of a Covid-19 disease despite the pandemic status! It means that cancellation related to Covid-19 is covered although Covid-19 is still classified as an epidemic or pandemic. The same also applies to any travel interruption costs.

Please note that these general conditions, especially with regard to Covid-19, can change quickly and without prior notice! We therefore recommend that you inform yourself about the current conditions before taking out insurance from our partner, European Travel Insurance:

HERE you can find the latest assessments and information from European Travel Insurance on the subject of travel insurance & Covid-19.

HERE you can find a complete overview of information about "Hotelstorno Plus" travel insurance.

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