The search for the magic crystal. an adventure at 2020 meters above sea level.

The evil wolf stole a magic crystal and hid it in a secret place. This could be the end of WIDIVERSUM!
Only you can save it: Help WIDI and his friends get the stolen crystal back!

Get started! Plenty of exciting adventures await you in WIDIVERSUM.
It takes courage and brains to solve the riddle of the hidden crystal.

Your Mission. At the eight Riddle Stations, collect as many letters as possible to decode the secret word on your riddle card.
You will need this word to find the magic crystal.

The Reward. You found the magic crystal? Bring your riddle card with the secret word to the Panorama restaurant at the exit of WIDIVERSUM and collect your reward at the bar.

20 Stations. 8 Riddles. 1 Mission.


Interactive Wooden Marble Run

A three meter high tower offers diverse courses and routes plus varied obstacles for the giant wooden marbles. Come and test your skills.


Miner Sand Playground

A paradise for young explorers - The new Miner Sand Playground features band conveyors, pulleys, sand pipes and many more attractions for digging in the sand.


Puzzle Fun

The newly adapted puzzle for young nature fans ranks among the special challenges. With heart and brains you can help WIDI find the Magic Crystal. 

See you soon at the top station of Acherkogelbahn! Admission is free with a mountain lift ticket.

Ticket Rates & Operating Times


A loooooong story.

Once upon a time, there was a miner named Kuno who lived in the Ötztal. One day he was digging for treasures of the earth inside a narrow and dark gorge. This gorge separated the Ötztal from a piece of land where no man had ever ventured before. But what Kuno found buried inside the gorge changed everything: four sparkly crystals! When Kuno took a closer look at the jewels in the sunlight they started to magically float and glow. All of a sudden there was a loud, thunderous noise and the gorge began to close up. When the gorge had fully closed, Kuno was able to walk over to the magnificent region behind it and he named it WIDIVERSUM“

 Suddenly there came four flashes of lightning from the sky. They pointed Kuno to the four spots where he was to hide the crystals to ensure the gorge would remain closed. Kuno saw a big ram close to a flock of grazing sheep and asked him to guard and protect the magic crystals for him. Many generations of rams have been guarding the mystic gemstones since then, and today WIDI is the keeper of the magic crystals and of WIDIVERSUM. WIDI is an especially fun, smart and strong ram who loves his job as guardian of the crystals. His best friends are the busy mole, the fast fish, the cheeky squirrel and the wise jackdaw. One day the five friends were playing at the lakeshore, when a bad wolf was watching them. The wolf decided to spoil the fun for the friends: “Please, let me play with you. I’m so lonely!”, the wolf pleaded with a false smile. WIDI and his friends felt sorry for the sad wolf and allowed him to join them.

In the evening they all gathered around a bonfire by the lake and shared stories. The wolf whispered into the ear of the fish: “I know that WIDI told you where the magic crystals are hidden. Can you let me in on the secret? I’m your friend now.” 
The fish was hesitating. WIDI had indeed told him about the hidden crystals, but he had shared only one of the hiding spots with each one of them. “If I tell the wolf my share of the secret, we’re still safe”, the fish was reasoning with himself.
And after the wolf promised not say anything, the fish whispered the secret into the wolf’s ears. But of course
the wolf also approached WIDI’s other friends and managed to elicit their share of the secret from them.

When everyone was asleep, the wolf went on a search. It didn’t take long for the wolf to hold one of the magic crystals in his paws, as there was only one place in all of WIDIVERSUM that matched the four secrets. The wolf laughed out loud and disappeared into the dark to find a new hiding spot for the gem. All of a sudden the gorge, which had been closed for many hundred years, started to open again with an ear splitting noise. And this had exactly been the wolf’s intention:
he knew that WIDIVERSUM could only exist when all four crystals were in their assigned place! 

The five friends were woken by the loud racket. “Friends, what is going on?”, WIDI shouted. The mole, the squirrel,
the fish and the jackdaw looked at each other in shame. Finally the jackdaw said: “Please WIDI, don’t be upset but we think we unintentionally told the wolf about the crystal’s hiding place. And I’m afraid he stole it tonight.” WIDI turned pale: if that was true, all of WIDIVERSUM was in danger! He looked at his friends sternly: “That was not okay at all! But I forgive you. Friends, please help me find the stolen crystal and save WIDIVERSUM?

Help WIDI and his friends recover the magic crystal! Can you solve the riddle and defeat the evil wolf.

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On the tracks of wild animals



The alpine region Hochoetz is with WIDIVERSUM HOCHOETZ member of „Beste Österreichischen Sommer-Bergbahnen“.


Icon Familien Berg We are certified as a Family Mountain.

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