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The search for the magic crystal. An adventure at 2020 meters above sea level.

36 play and puzzle stations close to nature on 3000 m²: WIDIVERSUM HOCHOETZ stages varied mountain moments for all the family.

Young and old adventurers are in search of the magic crystal together with the lovely mountain sheep WIDI and his friends. They have to master fun-filled and exciting challenges. Three newly designed theme hiking trails promise a child-friendly adventure on your hike to the surrounding huts and Alpine pastures. This interactive exploration is crowned by a visit to WIDI'S MOVIE SHUTTLE. The futuristic 5D cinema offers a fascinating journey for all senses. After the mission has been successfully completed, a little surprise awaits young adventure friends.

The uphill ride to WIDIVERSUM HOCHOETZ takes only 10 minutes on the Acherkogel Mountain Gondola from Oetz. Admission is free for holders of a valid gondola ticket, except WIDI'S MOVIE SHUTTLE.

Download - Folder WIDIVERSUM Hochoetz (PDF)

Ticket rates & operating times


How it all began.

A loooooong story.

Once upon a time, there was a miner named Kuno who lived in the Ötztal. One day he was digging for treasures of the earth inside a narrow and dark gorge. This gorge separated the Ötztal from a piece of land where no man had ever ventured before. But what Kuno found buried inside the gorge changed everything...

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WIDIs Story

Your mission

The evil wolf stole a magic crystal and hid it in a secret place. This could be the end of WIDIVERSUM!

Only you can save it: Help WIDI and his friends get the stolen crystal back!

On your hunt you will learn exciting things about our mountains and their treasures.

WIDIs Riddle Card

Get started!

Plenty of exciting adventures await you in WIDIVERSUM. It takes courage and brains to solve the riddle of the hidden crystal.

Solve tricky problems while hiking the theme trails and learn about the history of WIDIVERSUM along the way. Step inside the futuristic 5D MOVIESHUTTLE and “fly“ through WIDIs World.

Your Mission

At the eight Riddle Stations, collect as many letters as possible to decode the secret word on your riddle card. You will need this word to find the magic crystal.

What’s next? Hike the three theme trails and step into WIDIs MOVIESHUTTLE to learn more about WIDIVERSUMs main characters: WIDI and his friends, the Miner Kuno and the Wolf.

The Reward

You found the magic crystal? Bring your Riddle Card with the right passcode to WIDIs Bistro or Panoramarestaurant Hochoetz.

Did you stamp the white squares on your Riddle Card? Rubber stamps with different symbols can be found along the theme trails and at WIDIs MOVIESHUTTLE. If you did, you can count yourself among WIDIs friends! For each symbol in your card you will get one Friends button for Euro 0.50.

By the way:

WIDIs Friends buttons cannot be just purchased – you have to earn them!

Hochoetz Widiversum Buttons


„And ... Action! “

Enjoy a spectacular 5D movie experience!

Don’t miss out on this amazing 5D movie adventure! Enter the 5D MOVIESHUTTLE with its 180-degree screen and experience an immersive 8-minute chase in search of the stolen magic crystal. “Fly” and “float” through WIDIVERSUM without ever leaving your seat!

The main characters: WIDI and his friends, the Miner Kuno, the Bad Wolf and … YOU! Let yourself be swept away by a 5D special effects movie with dynamic chairs that will make you feels as if you were flying!

  • Tickets: Euro 4 per person
  • Age/height requirement: from 4+ years and/or 1 meter in height with adult supervision
  • no adult supervision required for children 8 years or older
WIDIs Movieshuttle

WIDIs Theme Trails

And the adventure continues

The 15 stations along the three theme trails allow you to explore and learn more about the world of miners as well as WIDI and his friends.

If your journey of discovery will leave you hungry and thirsty, there are 4 inns along the way where you can refuel with WIDIs favorite foods and beverages.

Glück auf!

This trail is all about Miner Kuno. Follow his lead and learn all about mining. What can you find inside caves and mines? Where do crystals come from?

  • Distance: 2.5K
  • Walking time: approx. 1 hr.
  • Station: Top station > Kristallfelsen > Steinmühle > Kunos Stollen > Balbach Alm – Kunos Seilzug > Kühtaile Alm – Kristallwasser > Top station
  • Refreshment stop: Balbach Alm, Kühtaile Alm

Alle Sinne!

On this trail you have to be as fast and alert as a squirrel. Test both your skills and your senses: How fast can you run on a treadwheel? How do animal pelts and feathers feel? Which animal sounds can you imitate? Learn the answers to these and many other interesting questions along the way.

  • Distance: 3.8K
  • Walking time: approx. 1 hr. 20 min.
  • Station: Top station > Fährtenleser > Seilbrücke > Schwebebalken > Acherberg Alm – Tretmühle, Spürsinn, Tiergucker, Tierstimmenbox > Top station
  • Refreshment stop: Acherberg Alm

Hoch hinaus!

On this trail you will see the world from a jackdaw’s view: from high above! How far can you climb up the Climbing Crystal? How many mountain peaks can you see from the viewing platform? Learn the answers to these and many other interesting questions along the way. And don’t forget to smile: at the end of the trail you have the opportunity to snap a fun photo of you and WIDI.

  • Distance: 1.5K
  • Walking time: approx. 1 hr.
  • Station: Top station > Balanceakt > Bielefelder Hütte – Kletterkristall > WIDIs Fotoplattform > Top station
  • Refreshment stop: Bielefelder Hütte

On the tracks of wild animals

If you always wanted to know what the difference between deer and roe deer is, what the menu of a fox looks like and why ibex love steep terrain, then this is the right place for you! The "On the tracks of wild animals" theme trail starts in the rear area of the WIDIVERSUM and leads young naturalists through the forest, where they will meet ten fairly talkative animal species.

More details

On the traces of wild animals Hochoetz

WIDIs Birthday Party

WIDIs Children's Corner

WIDIs Barbecue Area

Grill fans can indulge in their passion also in Hochoetz: At WIDI's barbecue area next to Cloud 7b in the WIDIVERSUM HOCHOETZ, grilled dishes can be prepared to your heart's content. If you don't want to bring your own barbecue food and wood, you can easily get your barbecue package (on pre-order) from the Hochoetz Panorama Restaurant.

Included in the Barbecue Package:

  • Wood with fire starter
  • Grill skewers
  • Grilled sausages, stick bread, ketchup, mustard
  • Marshmallows

Pre-order T +43 5252 6385 618

Price per person: € 5.90

Member of "Best Austrian Summer Mountain Lifts"

Gütezeichen Bergbahnen Hochoetz with its WIDIVERSUM HOCHOETZ have received the "Best Austrian Summer Mountain Lifts" quality seal by the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber responsible for the Association of Cable Cars. This award is given exclusively to companies that offer quality-tested nature experience that fulfills severe criteria, and is quality-checked on a regular basis.


Icon Familien Berg We are certified as a Family Mountain