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The 9 Treasures of Lake Piburger See

Explore & restore energy

Scenic Lake Piburger See invites not only to take a refreshing swim and while away a couple of hours but it also makes a perfect place to explore and pause for a moment! This natural jewel of the Oetz Region boasts 9 Treasures offering spectacular viewing platforms and mystical places of strength that can be easily discovered on a walk. At these 9 outstanding spots hikers will find a "summit book". They are invited to write down their personal wishes, dreams and hopes for the future. So every place becomes a personal treasure site!

Where to find the 9 Treasures


Piburg Mill

Rescued from Oblivion for Generations

The Mill in Piburg was operated by the locals until 1914. Due to much cheaper imported flour, operating the mill was no longer profitable and the building decayed before it was completely pulled down. The deciding factor for the reconstruction was the finding of old millstones in 2011, which are now also used in the newly rebuilt mill. Since 2014, the mill serves as a popular meeting place for the locals: here they bake bread together and for all those interested there are guided tours incl. authentic bread baking on the program. More details and booking at the Oetz Information Office.

  • Starting point: Piburg car park (A) (chargeable parking)



On the Edge of an Abyss

If you are looking for peace and silence away from the busy tourist destinations, Seejöchl makes the perfect spot. Up here the world is still a paradise! After a couple of fairly steep ascents towards the viewing platform towering above lake Piburger See, hikers are rewarded with fabulous views of the lake and the majestic mountains in the background. Observe the lively activities some 150 Meter further down from a bird's eye perspective. Cozy seating facilities on the platform are ideal for a short break. Hikers, mountain bikers and E-bikers share the same trail. However, the last few meters towards the platform can only be covered on foot.

Depending from which direction you are approaching Seejöchl, the ascent can be quite strenuous. The easiest way to reach the vista point is from the hamlet of Piburg or the hamlet of Haderlehn. Other trails start directly from the southwestern shore of the lake or from Oetz via Kohlstatt.

  • Starting point: Piburg car park (A) (chargeable parking)
  • Walking time (both ways): Piburg loop walk – Seejöchl – Lake Piburger See – Piburg approx. 2 h
  • Difficulty level: intermediate
  • Altitude difference: 150 Meter



Overlooking Scenic Oetz

As the name implies, this vantage point nestles on the mountain slope. The huge ledge slightly protrudes from the forest and provides dreamlike views of Oetz and its surroundings. Although you look at the village from above you are fully enraptured by the hustle and bustle down in the center. Inevitably you also enjoy the scenic view of the church on the opposite side of the valley in an elevated location. Many trails lead to the Kanzel vista point, the easiest way to reach it is from a turnoff on Piburg's federal road.

  • Starting point: sports field/recycling site car park (B)
  • Walking time (both ways): 1.5 h
  • Difficulty level: intermediate
  • Altitude difference: 125 Meter



Huge Mountain Clefts

During the last Ice Age the entire Ötztal was covered by a huge glacier. Later when the glaciers retreated and melted, the rock walls lost their counter pressure – resulting in truly gigantic rockslides. In some places there were also deep fissures in the mountains.

These jagged crevices, partly bridged by clamping bolts, still amaze hikers and bikers: they can be about 50 Meter long, 30 Meter deep and up to 3 Meter wide... dangerous crevices that are very well secured by larch fences now and can be easily admired thanks to two footbridges. Similar to Kanzel area, there are also varied hiking trails. The easiest way to reach the Kluft area is from a turnoff on Piburg's federal road.

  • Starting point: sports field/recycling site car park (B)
  • Walking time (both ways): 1.5 h
  • Difficulty level: intermediate
  • Altitude difference: 150 Meter



White Waters – Inner Peace

A place to recharge your batteries and let your thoughts wander. The rushing waters of Ötztaler Ache accompany hikers on the easy walking route along the riverbank and towards the edge of the forest. On the broad gravel trail you reach the lower viewing platform. Here you get a first impression of the elemental forces of water and the rockslides of many millennia ago. The wooden bridge fits perfectly into the forest area. Standing on the bridge you can feel and experience the truly overwhelming power of Alpine waters close up. Enjoy fine water spray on your face and listen to the roaring Ache mountain river.

The eye-catching course of the river is the result of a huge rockslide at the end of the last Ice Age. The original river was dammed up and the water had to find its own new path by forming also impressive rapids which are well-loved by passionate whitewater athletes.

  • Starting point: Oetz central car park (C)
  • Walking time (both ways): 1 h
  • Difficulty level: easy – also suitable for prams up to the lower platform, later it rises more steeply
  • Altitude difference: 15 Meter


Habicher See & Ice Cellar

Lake Exploration for All Ages

The small lake is idyllically situated on the edge of the forest at the village end of Habichen. An approximately 12 meter long footbridge leads into the lake. Cozy seating areas invite you to while away some hours. The gently sloping sandbar makes an ideal place for children to build sandcastles or sand pies. The forest provides pleasant shade in the warm summer months. Frogs, fish and newts frolic in the lake's water while in the evening many bats come out of the forest to quench their thirst in the lake.

In the immediate vicinity of lake Habicher See you will find the “Ice Cellar” which was used as a natural fridge until 1960. Inside the rock's fissures temperatures remain around 0° Celsius all year round as masses of cold air accumulate in these underground cavities.

  • Starting point: small car park (D) after underpass in Habichen
  • Walking time (both ways): 30 min
  • Difficulty level: easy - barrier-free trail also suitable for prams
  • Altitude difference: –



Explore Striking Nature

Not only in the picturesque area of lake Piburger See you can enjoy awe-inspiring views. The opposite part of the mountain is equally inviting. For example, just a few walking minutes above the KIDS PARK children‘s playground you will find the splendid Calvary Chapel. While the little explorers climb and romp around, you can indulge in the scenic tranquility under chestnut trees up there. Half an hour and 150 altitude meters later you reach the upper Ebele vista point. Simply let your eyes wander far beyond the roofs of the small hamlet of Habichen...

  • Starting point: Oetz central car park (C)
  • Walking time (both ways): 2.5 h
  • Difficulty level: intermediate
  • Altitude difference: 150 Meter



Getting a bit Scary

A witch is said to have wandered through this forest. It is proven by her unmistakable footprints that she left on one of the rocks. You probably can't blame a witch that she settled down in this beautiful landscape. The fabulous view of Oetz and neighboring Sautens almost takes away your breath. This spot has become particularly inviting since it was equipped with a magnificent viewing platform and seating facilities. The easy hike is suitable for all ages

  • Starting point: Oetz central car park (C)
  • Walking time (both ways): 1 h
  • Difficulty level: easy
  • Altitude difference: 150 Meter



Peaceful Spot with Meadow View

Right after the steep climb above Hotel Ritzlerhof you will find the gorgeous viewing platform. The cozy swinging lounger invites hikers to take a rest. Then you continue on a beautiful forest trail leading to the hamlet of Piburg. From there the path takes you to scenic lake Piburger See.

  • Starting point: Sautens primary school
  • Walking time (both ways): primary school – Ritzlerhof – Piburg – lake Piburger See: 1.5 h
  • Difficulty level: intermediate
  • Altitude difference: 350 Meter



The Clue is in the Name

The “three churches” vantage point above Sautens offers magnificent views of the village, comprising the striking parish churches of Oetz, Oetzerau and Sautens. The walking trail is also suitable for prams. On the way to the vantage point you walk along the first stations of the Magic Forest. At the end, a superb children's playground with rest area is waiting for tired hikers.

  • Starting point: Ritzlerhof vantage point
  • Walking time (both ways): approx. 1 h
  • Difficulty level: easy
  • Altitude difference: 100 Meter

Piburger See

Mirror of Mountains

The lake is a popular destination for young and old. At the lakeside bath swimming is allowed, rowing boats are available for rent. In summer, the lake reaches water temperatures of up to 24° Celsius – therefore it is one of the warmest swimming lakes in Tirol. Myriad hiking routes and walking trails from Oetz, Habichen, Piburg or Sautens take you to lake Piburger See. Mountain bikers and E-bikers can reach the lakeside swimming bath either from Oetz via Elsinger Weg trail or from Habichen via Randweg trail. Cycling around the lake is not allowed.

Altitude: 913 Meter | Shoreline: env. 1.9 km | Length: ~ 800 Meter
Width: ~ 240 Meter | Depth: ~ 25 Meter

- Starting point: Piburg car park

- Walking time (both ways): lake loop approx. 1.5 h

- Difficulty level: easy – one lakeshore is barrier-free
and suitable for prams

- Altitude difference: 30 Meter

Swimming & Relaxing

Natural Jewel

At the southernmost lakeshore the swimming bath with sun terrace, sunbathing area and wooden raft in the middle of the lake invites you to relax and wind down. It is also possible to explore the lake by rowing boat (rental station). Only use the signposted swimming area at the swimming bath for a memorable bathing day (barrier-free access to the lake). Swimming outside the swimming bath area is strictly prohibited! The use of own swimming equipment (inflatable dinghies, SUPs, ...) as well as barbecues and camping are not allowed on the lakeshore.

Lakeside Swimming & Boating
Wolfgang Scalet | T +43 (0) 650 4743 615
restaurant@piburgersee.tirol | www.piburgersee.tirol

Open: early May – late September

Fishing permits available at:
Gemeindeamt Oetz | T +43 (0) 5252 6218 77
Swimming bath & boat rental | T +43 (0) 650 4743 615 (ticket only on the weekend), A maximum of 5 fishing permits are available per day. Advance booking possible.

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Information on the protection of Lake Piburger See Natural Jewel

The following is not allowed:

  • Use of radios, sound systems, loudspeakers and similar devices within the entire lakeshore and meadow area of Piburger See
  • Any use of floating devices within the entire lake area (inflatable boats, SUP boards, etc.) with the exception of air mattresses and floating buoys as swimming aids on the body for the safety of poor swimmers
  • Camping and long stays or camps within the entire lakeshore and meadow area outside the swimming bath center (i.e. no blankets, air mattresses, hammocks, slacklines, picnic blankets, etc.)
  • Any extended picnics, barbecues and camp fireplaces