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Natural jewel near Oetz

Can a mountain lake be even more eye-catching? If you want to describe lake Piburger See you will end up with the word "idyllic" sooner or later. Nestled in a small valley above Oetz, the crystal-clear green water mirrors the surrounding forests and mighty Acherkogel peak. Nature explorers, hikers and swimmers recharge their batteries in this special place of strength. Such a nature treasure must be protected, therefore lake Piburger See is one of Tirol's oldest nature preserves.

Download - Folder Lake Piburger See (PDF)

Nature & Hiking Paradise

Signposted walking trails from various starting points lead to lake Piburger See, for example from the village center of Oetz or from Piburg's car park. A loop walk around the lake is a highlight for all the family: While the narrow, partly rocky path with tree roots stirs up the spirit of adventure on the eastern shore, the broader trail along the western shore is even suitable for baby prams. Refreshingly cool, earthy forest air and exciting geological formations such as blocky scree slopes accompany you along the entire loop. It was not always as peaceful as today at scenic lake Piburger See with its crystal rocks. Originally, the lake basin was a steep valley parallel to Ötztal. After the last Ice Age a massive rockslide blocked its southeastern edge and covered the entire valley floor. This was the origin of the lake which has become a landmark of Oetz.

Lake Piburger See Ötz Swimming

Swimming and soaking up the sun

Lake Piburger See is the only natural swimming lake in Ötztal and one of the warmest bathing lakes in Tirol. Its soft water reaches a surface temperature of up to 25° Celsius in midsummer. The best place to dive and swim is the lakeside beach area on the southern shore, comprising also a restaurant and lakeside terrace, sunbathing area, barrier-free access to the lake and a huge floating raft. Rowing boats are available for rent. In order to preserve the rare flora and fauna of lake Piburger See, swimming is only allowed at the lakeside beach area in the south.

Lake Piburger See Ötz Boat

Fishing at lake Piburger See

The natural fish population includes perch, chub, rud and roach. For fishing purposes also rainbow trout, brook and lake trout as well as arctic char and brook char are added. If you want to exercise patience in this fabulous spot, you can purchase a fishing permit at the administration office in Oetz T +43 (0) 5252 6218 or at the swimming and boat rental station T +43 (0) 650 4743 615 (tickets only at the weekend). Opening times: beginning of May - end of September
Only a maximum of 6 fishing permit cards are issued per day. Advance reservation is possible.

Lake Piburger See Ötz Landscape

Achstürze – Piburger See landscape conservation area

The awesome and wild beauty of Lower Ötztal already touched our ancestors. As early as 1929, lake Piburger See was declared a natural monument. It is the most popular figurehead of the Achstürze - Piburger See protected natural area which covers the culture landscape north of the hamlet of Piburg, the blocky forest around the lake, a part of Ötztaler Ache brook and lake Habicher See. The area is an important habitat for rare plants and animals. Since 2009, the landscape conservation area is part of the Ötztal Nature Park.

Lake Piburger See Hiking Ötz

Lake Piburger See – Facts

  • One of Tirol's oldest nature preserves
  • Altitude: 913 m
  • Lake shore line: approx. 1.9 km
  • Length: approx. 800 m
  • Width: approx. 240 m
  • Depth: approx. 25 m
  • Barrier-free trail from Piburg to the lakeside swimming bath

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Information on the protection of Lake Piburger See Natural Jewel

The following is not allowed:

  • Use of radios, sound systems, loudspeakers and similar devices within the entire lakeshore and meadow area of Piburger See
  • Any use of floating devices within the entire lake area (inflatable boats, SUP boards, etc.) with the exception of air mattresses and floating buoys as swimming aids on the body for the safety of poor swimmers
  • Camping and long stays or camps within the entire lakeshore and meadow area outside the swimming bath center (i.e. no blankets, air mattresses, hammocks, slacklines, picnic blankets, etc.)
  • Any extended picnics, barbecues and camp fireplaces
Lake Piburger See Ötz Hiking