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All those who are true hiking lovers indulge in this passion also during the cold season. Warm clothes, woolen hat, scarf and winter-proof footwear: look forward to an adventure in the fresh winter air. Also snowshoe hikers are ready to go in almost no time. The trendy alternatives to skiing in Lower Ötztal have already become a new boom: well-groomed and signposted winter hiking trails lead through snow-covered meadows and forests while guided tours are also offered as an exciting off-road variant.

Snowshoe hiking – how does it work?

Little equipment, fast learning and high fun factor. That's probably the best short description of this gentle winter sport. The lightweight snowshoes are quickly attached to all kinds of sturdy mountain boots and everyone makes a good figure on it in no time. Boots and poles can also be rented at countless sports shops in Oetz and the surrounding area (Link). Far away from the hustle and bustle of busy ski slopes you enjoy trudging across the quiet winter wonderland.


Guided snowshoe hiking tours

Ochsengarten and Hochoetz offer some of the most breathtaking snowshoe hikes in Ötztal. Those who don't like to walk alone and still want to feel the peace and closeness to nature typical for a snowshoe hike, simply take part in the guided tours offered by Ötztal Tourismus. For example, once a week there is a moonlight tour around Ochsengarten. Hikers equipped with headlamps explore the picture-book surroundings with the crunching snow under their feet and the bright sickle moon high up in the sky. A fascinating adventure that creates long-lasting memories!

Moonlight tour Ochsengarten

Snowshoe Hiking Ochsengarten Night

Every Monday (17 December 2018 - 15 April 2019)

Equipped with headlamps you explore the breathtaking winter wonderland in the surroundings of Ochsengarten. We take you through the picture-book forest covered in white, resembling a glittering white carpet under the twinkling stars. Indulge in a truly romantic atmosphere and listen to the crackling fresh snow under your feet. We will end this wonderful evening over a cup of hot tea.

Start 08.00 pm
Meeting point Ochsengarten mountain gondola, base station
Hiking time approx. 2 hours, return approx. 10.00 pm
Fee € 5.00 per person; guests staying at Ötztal Nature Park partners – free of charge
Extra Fee € 5.00 per person (snowshoe rental, headlamp)
Equipment appropriate winter walking gear (sturdy boots – no moonboots,warm clothes), ski poles, enough to drink
Group min. 3 persons, max. 15 persons
Booking Ötztal Tourismus – Information Ochsengarten, T + 43 (0) 57200 820,, by Monday (12:00 noon)

WinterMagic Ochsengarten

Snowshoe Hiking Ochsengarten Landscape

Every Wednesday (19 December 2018 - 17 April 2019)

Enjoy awe-inspiring panoramic views of the surrounding Alpine landscape on our hike off the beaten tracks, far away from busy ski slopes. Snow-covered forests and meadows all in white provide peace and quiet. Walking on snowshoes, nature shows its own varied facets to the nature explorers – A very intensive experience of a very special kind. OUR TIP: Bring a camera or a pair of binoculars!

Start 09.45 am
Meeting point Sattele area located above Ochsengarten; car park (subject to a charge: € 3 in coins), bus connection from Ochsengarten and Haiming
Hiking Time approx. 4 hours, return approx 2.00 pm
Fee € 10.00 per person; guests staying at Ötztal Nature Park partners – free of charge
Extra Fee € 5.00 per person (snowshoe rental)
Equipment appropriate winter walking gear (sturdy boots – no moonboots, warm clothes), ski poles, enough to drink
Group min. 3 persons, max. 15 persons
Booking Ötztal Tourismus – Information Ochsengarten, T + 43 (0) 57200 500,, by Tuesday (4.30 pm)


Winter hiking

Some 30 km of hiking trails in the Oetz Region are available to winter hikers. They are suitable for both speedy walkers or leisurely hikers and families - the choice is all yours! Anyway, your lungs fill up with a huge dose of fresh mountain air and your mind is happy about the sound-absorbing, charming winter landscape providing healthy effects - which offers endless opportunities to look, marvel and explore. The new winter hiking trail to "Rotes Wandl" vantage point boasts several highlights in a row. This panoramic route starts at the Hochoetz panorama restaurant and offers two different difficulty levels (easy and intermediate). Therefore even the youngest explorers have endless fun on this scenic winter hiking tour.

The following list provides information on all tours available including more details on walking time, distance, altitude, etc. Our service team is happy to help in case you have further questions.

NEW: Winter hiking trail to "Rotes Wandl" vantage point

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