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Important facts about skiing with children in Hochoetz

The first ski trip with kith and kin is an exciting experience for all family members. The Hochoetz ski region offers clearly arranged skiing terrain and makes a perfect place to get in contact with snow and skiing for the first time in a playful way. Below you will find answers to the most important questions about relaxing hours on the slopes in Lower Ötztal.

Good to know!

  • Which is the best ski clothing for children?

If you pay attention to the right clothing when skiing, you avoid both cold and heat accumulation. Usually you wear several layers on top of each other, which are both breathable and water-repellent. As first layer we recommend functional underwear, plus a fleece pullover and a suitable ski jacket. In warm spring temperatures, you can also omit the fleece sweater. In extreme cold, a second layer of underwear or a thicker fleece pullover and several breaks in a warm place will help to enjoy the day on the ski slope.

  • What is an absolute must when I go skiing with my child?

In addition to skis, ski boots and helmet you should definitely bring enough sunscreen in the form of cream and sun glasses, warm clothes in several layers and - possibly - a back protector. Furthermore, a small reward for celebrating the first success on snow is recommended.

  • At which age should my child learn to ski at the earliest?

Already children from the age of three can playfully immerse themselves in winter sports. For example, "magic carpets" are perfect uphill facilities at the very beginning. Important: Fun in the snow always comes first.

  • What tips can I give my child for the first attempts on skis in terms of body posture on the slopes?

For the first skiing attempts the snowplow is recommended, also called "pizza slice". The ski tips make a V-shape, the hands should be on the knees and the upper body slightly bent forward.

  • Should my child try skiing for the first time with or without ski poles?

Children can handle it better without ski poles at the beginning. It can be too much if they must concentrate on both arms and legs at the same time.

  • How long should I take my child to the slopes?

Especially at the beginning a maximum of two activity hours are sufficient. As soon as the child is already safely on the skis, you can also make a couple of additional sports units - always depending on the child's motivation.

  • How long does it take for my child to ski down the slopes on her/his own (without my help)?

This question is difficult to answer, it depends on the age of the child. Please note: Children are only allowed to use the mountain lifts and gondolas if accompanied and supervised by an adult.

  • How can I get my child enthusiastic about skiing?

Skiing always has to be great fun. It is advisable to prepare the little skiers already at home by talking with them and explaining to them what a ski holiday is. Motivation breaks and playful elements such as the "On the traces of wild animals" children's course in Hochoetz promise enjoyable sports days and are a welcome change.

  • Which ski lifts are suitable for children?

In general, children are recommended to use button lifts, chairlifts and mountain gondolas accompanied by an adult person. Hochoetz offers four specially designed practicing lifts ideal for the needs of young skiers.

  • Which ski runs are particularly suitable for beginners/children?

In any case, pay attention to "blue" slope markers. At the beginning we recommend a slope with a runout zone or a counter slope. Ski runs with "red" and "black" markers are absolutely not recommended for novice skiers!

  • What should I do if I have two or more children of different age groups or with different levels of skiing experience?

It is best to book a ski course for at least one child. This is the only way to meet the individual needs of your children, and nobody feels under challenged or over challenged.

  • Can I return the skipass/will the price of the skipass be refunded if the first ski attempts have failed and my child is tired of skiing?

No, a refund is only possible in the event of an accident on presentation of a local doctor's medical certificate. For refunds please contact one of the skipass offices. Go to skipass desks and General Terms & Conditions

  • Does my child has to go to the ski school or can I teach him/her how to ski?

Of course you can start your own experiments and teach your offspring how to ski. In order to learn the correct technique, it is recommended to book a ski course. Experience has also shown that learning success is much bigger in the context of a ski course.

  • Are there any possibilities to have my child looked after professionally if he/she doesn't feel like skiing?

Bergbahnen Hochoetz mountain lifts have their own kindergarten for the youngest winter fans from two years onwards.

  • Which is the right reaction in the event of an accident?

First of all, the accident site must be secured so that there is no danger caused by other skiers. To do so, put available skis and ski poles in a cross shape into the snow - uphill and in front of the injured person. If the accident happened behind a bend or in a poorly visible place, you should put the skis and poles in front of it. Put the injured person in a comfortable position, protect her/him from hypothermia and make an emergency call. Only if the injured can move without major problems you can accompany her/him to the edge of the ski slope.

The emergency number of the mountain rescue is 140, the slope rescue can be reached at: +43 5252 6385 620

The contribution to costs for transport down to the valley by the mountain rescue team is EUR 85.