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Mountain Hike recommended route

Hut Tour Windachtal - Sölden

Mountain Hike · Sölden
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  • Brunnenkoglhaus
    / Brunnenkoglhaus
    Photo: Ötztal Tourismus
  • / Siegerlandhütte
    Photo: Ötztal Tourismus
  • / Hildersheimer Hütte
    Photo: Ötztal Tourismus
  • / Hochstubaihütte
    Photo: Ötztal Tourismus
  • / Kleblealm (2.015 m)
    Photo: Ötztal Tourismus, Ötztal Tourismus
  • / Sölden
    Photo: Ötztal Tourismus, Ötztal Tourismus
m 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 km Hochstubaihütte Gamsplatzl Brunnenkogelhaus Kleblealm Siegerlandhütte Brunnenbergalm Lochle Alm
Brunnenbergalm --> Brunnenkogelhaus --> Windachtal --> Siegerlandhütte --> Gamsplatzl --> Hildesheimer Hütte --> Hochstubaihütte --> Kleble Alm
Distance 38.3 km
20:00 h
3,808 m
3,186 m
Day 1

Ascent over Brunnenbergalm to Brunnenkoglhaus. Rest and sleep at 2.738 m. Walking time: 5 h


Day 2

Descent into the Schönkar and  into the Windach Valley and from there hike to Siegerlandhütte (2,710 m). Walking time: 5 h


Day 3

Fantastic hiking tour over the Gamsplatzl at 3.019 m to Hildesheimer Hütte at 2.900 m. Dinner and sleep. Walking time: 3.5 h


Day 4

Ascent to the Gaiskarferner past the Jochdohle, continue to the Windacher Ferner. From there, descend down to the bottom of the lake to about 2,600 m. Ascent to the seearsee over the heavenly ladder to the Hochstubai hut. Walking time: 5.5 h


Day 5

Descent over the Laubkarsee to the Kleble Alm. Afterwards we return to Sölden. Packed with memories of a beautiful mountain tour.


Author’s recommendation

From the Kleble Alm you can comfortably take the hut taxi to Sölden. The hut tour in Windachtal can be done in different ways. In reverse order or even omit certain stages and start at various points.
Highest point
Hochstubaihütte, 3,168 m
Lowest point
Sölden - Gaislachkogelbahn, 1,359 m
Best time of year

Rest Stop

Lochle Alm
Fiegl's Hütte (Windachalm)
Jochdohle TOP OF TYROL
Hildesheimer Hütte

Safety information

Red mountain trails are moderately difficult: some narrow and steep, but insured walking and climbing passages await hikers. The corresponding signs are yellow and have a red circle indicating the difficulty.


Black mountain paths are narrow, almost entirely steep and exposed paths. Anyone who sets out on a black mountain path must expect longer secured walking and climbing passages. Black mountain trails are marked on the yellow basic signs with a black circle indicating the difficulty.


For experienced mountaineers that are free from vertigo & surefooted, Very good physical condition, mountain experience & mountain equipment (see notice equipment) necessary, such as alpine security material, goodweather conditions recommended. Please pay attention to the current weather report: https://www.oetztal.com/de/sommer.html


Tips and hints

More details about hiking In Ötztal: https://www.oetztal.com/wandern 


Sölden - Gaislachkogelbahn (1,359 m)
46.960266, 11.009223
46°57'37.0"N 11°00'33.2"E
32T 652863 5202708


Sölden - Kleblealm

Turn-by-turn directions

1 day
Ascent via Brunnenbergalm to Brunnenkoglhaus 2,738 m. Walking time: 4 h
Start: At the Gaislachkogelbahn to the  camping and over the bridge up on paved road to the Moosalm. Continue on a forest road to Brunnenbergalm (1973m). Now it goes up steeply through the wonderfully forest.  Again it goes steeply up through some serpentines to the Brunnenkogelhaus. The path is steep, but it does not present any great difficulties, without a wire rope: +1355 Hm / -0 Hm,

2 day
Descent into the Schönkar and to the Windachtal and onward march to the Siegerlandhütte (2,710 m). Walking time: 5 h
From Brunnenkogelhaus we start a bit steeper downhill to the Schönkar and from there it goes down through an old pine forest to Windachtal.At the bottom of the valley, we hike on a broad path into the valley to the Gaisstabel, where the trail narrows again. From here we reach the material cable car of the SIegerlandhütte in about one hour and from there it goes up another hour until we reach the hut.

3rd day
Fantastic hiking tour over the Gamsplatzl at 3,019 m to the Hildesheimer Hütte at 2,900 m. Walking time: 3.5 hours
From the Siegerlandhütte we first hike comfortably to the Triabenkar and from there up to the GAmsplatzl. From there it goes first down again before you climb up to the hut.

4th day
Climb to Gaiskarferner past the Jochdohle and to Windacher Ferner. From there descent into the Warenkar and to the Seekarsee atabout 2,600 m. Ascent from Seekarsee over the ladder to Hochstubaihütte. Walking time: 5,5 h

5th day
Descent across the Laubkarsee to Kleble Alm. Afterwards we return to Sölden. Packed with memories of a beautiful mountain hike.


all notes on protected areas

Public transport


Enjoy a both comfortable and relaxing train ride to the train station in Ötztal Bahnhof. You get off the train in ÖTZTAL Bahnhof where you change to a public bus or local taxi. The current bus schedule can be found at: http://fahrplan.vvt.at


Getting there

The drive to the ÖTZTAL. Located in Tyrol, the ÖTZTAL branches off to the south as the longest side valley of the Eastern Alps. Arriving by car leads guests over the Inn Valley to the valley entrance and further along the Ötztal. In addition to the toll motorway can also be used on rural roads. With the route planner, the journey can be quickly and easily determined:

To the route planner: https://www.google.at/maps  



The following parking facilities are available in Sölden:
  • Parking lot Postplatz
  • Giggijochbahn + underground garage
  • Gaislachkoglbahn + underground garage

All parking is free during the day.


Parking for several days (eg hike tour):

  • Postplatz, Parkticket available at the information Sölden
  • Parkgarage Gaislachkoglbahn, Parkticket either online or directly at the cash desk of the Gaislachkoglbahn



46.960266, 11.009223
46°57'37.0"N 11°00'33.2"E
32T 652863 5202708
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Author’s map recommendations

Kompass # 042 | Inneres Ötztal und Pitztal, Gurgler Tal, Venter Tal | 1: 25.000


Appropriate equipment such as breathable suitable outdoor clothes for the weather, ankle-high walking boots, wind-, rain- & sun protection, hat, possibly gloves, is for all hikes and tours necessary. Please bring a first-aid box, a mobile phone, a walking map and if there is no hut on the way a snack and enough to drink.


Basic Equipment for Mountain Hikes

  • Sturdy, comfortable and waterproof hiking boots or approach shoes
  • Layered, moisture wicking clothing
  • Hiking socks  
  • Rucksack (with rain cover)
  • Protection against sun, rain and wind (hat, sunscreen, water- and windproof jacket and suitable legwear)
  • Sunglasses
  • Hiking poles
  • Ample supply of drinking water and snacks
  • First aid kit
  • Bivy / survival bag  
  • Survival blanket
  • Headlamp
  • Pocket knife
  • Whistle
  • Cell phone
  • Cash
  • Navigation equipment / map and compass
  • Emergency contact details
  • ID

Technical Equipment for Mountain Hikes

  • Climbing helmet as required
  • The 'basic' and 'technical' equipment lists are generated based on the selected activity. They are not exhaustive and only serve as suggestions for what you should consider packing.
  • For your safety, you should carefully read all instructions on how to properly use and maintain your equipment.
  • Please ensure that the equipment you bring complies with local laws and does not include restricted items.

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38.3 km
20:00 h
3,808 m
3,186 m
Public-transport-friendly Multi-stage route Circular route Scenic Refreshment stops available Secured passages Ridge traverse


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