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The best vista points

Great cinema for connoisseurs

In terms of panoramic views, the Hochoetz ski region has a lot to offer: The mighty mountain chains of Ötztal valley in the immediate vicinity, the view of Inntal and Ötztal valleys, clean air and tranquility up to the horizon. Particularly awesome panorama views open up at the Zugspitzblick vantage platform and the Rotes Wandl vista point.

Stopover with uninterrupted views

Yearning for a little break in-between? In addition to plenty of space for winter sports, Hochoetz also offers two particularly attractive oases of peace:

Zugspitzblick vantage platform

Viewpoint Zugspitze Hochoetz Ski Area

Your eyes wander over the Wetterstein mountains including Zugspitze peak, further towards the Lechtal Alps and via Inntal to Kühtai. In addition to a detailed panoramic map, a telescope is available as well. The platform is just a few walking minutes from the top station of Wetterkreuzbahn (2272 m) mountain lift.

Rotes Wandl vista point

Viewpoint Hochoetz Rotes Wandl

The approximately 1.5 km long winter hiking trail to Rotes Wandl starts right at the top station of Acherkogelbahn (2020 m) gondola. Slightly ascending and descending, the leisurely walking tour leads through a rustic stone pine forest until a summit cross marks the scenic vantage point after about 15 walking minutes. Here you can enjoy fabulous views of Ötztal and Inntal, the Lechtal Alps and the Wetterstein mountain massif including Zugspitze - Germany's highest mountain.